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Closing the gap in mental health support with AI Solutions

Raise Health is founded on lived experiences and DASH is built on evidence based research at the intersection of mental health and technology. DASH is your real-time mental health detection co-pilot to read between the lines so you can focus your time on empathizing with your people and delivering impact.

DASH delivers you the ability to know the likelihood of a mental health condition in real time based on how people communicate delivering you the tools to finally have early detection, better engagement and prioritization of follow-through.

Hear more. See more. Impact more.


Built on evidence-based research and lived experiences


Serves as your mental health detection co-pilot


Real time communication analysis and alerts


Helps quantify and prioritize who, how and when to engage


Fully integrated into your tools to avoid tech bloat

The Story Behind Dash

The namesake comes from the Linda Ellis poem called "The Dash". When our lives are over they will be forever memorialized by the day we are born, the day we die and the dash in between. It’s up to us to maximize our dash and the dash of those around us.


That's why we named our solution "DASH." It reflects our commitment to improving those in-between times, the everyday moments that, when woven together, form the rich fabric of our lives. DASH is here to support and enhance these moments, leveraging AI to offer mental health guidance tailored to the ups and downs of daily living.

At Raise Health, we believe in the power of these seemingly small, in-between moments to foster growth and well-being. Our technology is designed to be a discreet, conversation analysis solution, offering insights and support to help navigate life's challenges and opportunities. With DASH, we're not just providing impact-as-a-service; we're enhancing the journey, one dash at a time.

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