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RAISE awareness. RAISE impact. RAISE the bar.

About Us

Raise Health is founded on lived experiences in mental health. We have personally experienced where there are opportunities to help those in need most when an "are you really ok" moment is critical.


We also have the joy of spending our careers as innovation architects at the intersection of healthcare and technology turning big ideas into impactful solutions at scale in all types of environments with a focus on high growth and high impact.


The entire team across Raise Health believes in the power and impact of mental health. It is the foundation of everything we do. It's our secret sauce and believe every organization should tap into the importance and impact of mental health. The foundation of doing well is being well.


Together we will RAISE awareness. RAISE the impact. RAISE the bar.

The Founders



Co-founder | CEO


We have a vision to reimagine the pathways to better mental health outcomes. Through my own battles, I know how complicated and frustrating the existing system is and believe in shattering these paradigms to help change the trajectories of lives proactively. Healthcare is too important to stay the same, and it’s time to rebuild the way we do things! What's your why?



Co-founder | COO


I am brave. I am bruised. I am who I’m meant to be. This is me. We need to twist the kaleidoscope and see the mental health picture in a new way. Those who need help the most suffer in silence and slip through the cracks. You matter, you are enough. We are improving mental health, impacting lives through the delivery of innovative societal solutions. What's your why?

Awards & Recognition

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2024 Small Business Superstar

People's Choice Awards Innovation Grant

2023 Program Participant, Social Impact Grant

Award Recipient, Technology Grant

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